How you can Back-up your Galaxy S4/S5

Need to backup the contents on Galaxy S4/S5 to Computer for panic that you may lose them accidentaly? Well, it’s a good thing to take safeguards previously. However, doing Galaxy backup and restore is not a simple way with Samsung kies. You need a more skilled third-party application to aid you.

For Windows user, we recommend you Wondershare MobileTrans, and it shines due to its good performance. Through this program, you can back up SMS, music, images, movies, contacts, apps, call logs on your Galaxy to the pc effortlessly . With this software, you can also copy all these data from the old phone to the new one immediately.

Download Mobiletrans Windows here

For those who are Mac users, we recommend MobileGo for Android (Mac), it is a smart Android Manager for Mac, you could backup and restore data using it effortlessly.

Download MobileGo for Mac here

So the read the guide to find out how to backup and restore Galaxy S4/S5 (Windows version).

First, connect the mobile phone to pc through usb cable.


1. Backup files from Galaxy to pc

Go to the backup mode by pressing “Back up Your Phone” option in the home page. You’ll backup the needed information to the pc, which include contacts, text messages, call logs, video, songs, photos, app, . . .. Pick the files you like to backup and click on “Start Copy” key.

2. Restore from pc to Samsung Galaxy

Go to the the restore mode by simply clicking “Restore from Backups” on homepage. Choose a backup file format in the drop down listing. After you get the preserved backup data file that you’d like to restore to your cellphone, press “Start Copy” to transfer the contents from the backup content to your Galaxy. It is not only appropriate for backups created through Mobiletrans, but also suitable for backups created through other programs, such as iTunes and BlackBerry Desktop Suite.

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iPhone 5 hardware review

iphone5-black-whiteInnovation appears to have an extraordinary favor on iPhone 5. The telephone appears smooth in the distance it has been offered. The humble part will be the modernity of extensive show keeping up with its legacy adaptation iPhone 4. The thin plan of iPhone 5 lines-up the advertisers and buyer pretty much than in the recent past. Apple has quite recently brought out its established iPhone 5 as the cellular telephone manages a gigantic reaction from its purchaser around the world.

The telephone has a 4-inch retina show, a speedier chip, the most recent remote innovation, a 8mp insight Polaroid, cutting edge information exchange rate, cutting edge ultra-fast remote integration, and then some All the new plan and cellular telephone bargains of iPhone 5 come with the recyclable aluminum walled in area what’s more two lively shades: dark and slate, and white & silver alongside the light-weight of 3.95 ounces (112 grams). The 123.8 x 58.6×7.6mm telephone has quicker CPU execution with new A6 chip, and speedier design.

It not just velocity up the telephones access execution additionally has enough battery force to last for the duration of the day up to 8 hours of searching on a cell association, up to 8 hours of talk time, and up to 10 hours of feature playback time An alternate cellular telephone bargain is the Ear bud earphone which will be special in iPhone 5 by the Apple fashioners what’s more specialists. Interim, the iPhone 5 has upgraded sound and three receivers to simplicity the normal exercises of the customers.

While we discussing iPhone 5, we must notice t the Camera: its Panorama, the 40% speedier photograph catching, low-light execution, and enhanced clamor lessening. The publicity feature calls with front HD Polaroid and upgraded HD feature recording is likewise a surprising piece of iPhone 5. Advertisers get iPhone 5 with another connector with a focal change, i.e. supplanting the 30-pin connector with something more up to date, littler, and better. It is the Lightning connector.

Apple has its own particular maps composed indistinguishable reasonable and intuitive 3D perspectives for the customers who utilizing the gimmicks to discover their routes out as cell telephones with free blessing. The best piece of a Smartphone is its collaborator characteristic. The center of iPhone 5 is the iOS6 and very nearly 200 gimmicks with it To spare and secured work or to get to records from anyplace, iCloud has been inherent iPhone 5.


Airplay and Air print likewise improve the configuration of iPhone 5 applications. Assemble in applications and application store are now to serve more than 700,000 applications for iPhone 5 as cell telephones with free blessing. Right now iPhone 5 will be the world most progressed cell gadget along with its remarkable and influential characteristics which perhaps to discover in free of expense and business purposes. Apple care offers the specialized help as portable telephones with free blessing to serve the insurance of iPhone 5 with a few arrangement

Robot Dorm

android_robotThe age of information is upon us, and with the holding of a smartphone or tablet these days, one has more communicative power than the president of the United States had just 25 short years ago. The questions nowadays are, which of these devices gives the edge? One of the largest populations asking this question, is the populous of college students. The dorm life, college campuses, and college students themselves have grown immensely technological in terms of their day to day routines. It is for these reasons that this presentation has been conjured: these are the top 5 reasons why an Android phone is the superior choice for a college student!

●Navigation Systems

The Android phones are the only ones to actually allow a free access to Google maps and free GPS systems, and they run much smoother than competing smartphone GPS systems, this is important for any college student trying to get to that next party in the quickest route possible, or finding good directions to that concert across state. Regardless, the navigation systems of the Android are a major selling point for college students!

●Removable Storage and Battery

Every college student uses much more data than they probably need to use, and with college students constantly being on their phones, the battery is constantly being drained, the Android phones offer the option of removable storage devices, so you can take unlimited selfies and never have the misfortune of running out of space.

●Cloud Capabilities

Another strong point that Android features is the online cloud capabilities. Music, movies, documents, homework assignments, and practically everything in the modern college repertoire can be stored safely in Androids online Google cloud systems, allowing students to pull up their favorite movies in the middle of class, or for that document you had troubles printing to be pulled up from anywhere in the world – now that’s a great feature!


Some of the functional aspects of the Android just make sense, especially when looking at competitors. The Android has longer battery life, stronger foundational building to protect against drops and water (or beer) damage. A college student is not necessarily the most responsible of demographic, but luckily Android takes precautions to adhere to this upbeat lifestyle.
●Screen Size

Another winning point of the Android is the perfect screen size. Larger than the iPhone, but smaller than some of the tablet sized Samsung phones, the Android finds a happy medium that is great for typing, movies, messaging, and practically any function, all the while fitting in the pocket, but still being large enough where sending a text message doesn’t feel like you’re performing operation. The Android screen size is another winning point in the phone war!

So there you have it, college students are going to vary in their phone of choice, but the arguments for them choosing the Android are valid and every-growing.